Super Mom my ass

On the outside, it looks like I halfway have my shit together. Facebook is good at making other peoples lives look pretty. I try to give glimpses into our crazy lives with pictures, videos, and live videos. But it’s only a small glimpse. I appreciate all the sweet compliments I get from people calling me a super mom and other things. I do have them on a pretty strict schedule, but that doesn’t mean my shit is together.

Today for example. We woke up, had breakfast, and then playtime in the living room. They were all being super sweet, calm, and cuddly….so we all laid on the couch and watched the baby channel. Well, I made a huge mistake and fell asleep. Apparently I was insanely tired, and didn’t feel them climb off of me, or hear them get through the baby gate.

In the approximately 30 min I was out cold, they destroyed the kitchen…all cabinets and drawers open and  trash everywhere; threw the baby monitor and all of our toilet paper rolls in the toilet; destroyed Ellas room; and started destroying our bedroom.

All I could do, was put them all in their cribs, and walk away. Things like this happen more often than not. It just adds to the piling amount of stress that we already deal with on a daily basis. When there are days like today, I’d tell you I’d change it all in a heartbeat. Sometimes I don’t want to be the “Quadmom”. But it’s the life God gave me, so I just take my xanex and go on with life. I’ll like them more tomorrow 🙂


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