February 22, 2017

Today started late, as usual. Classic “I thought I hit snooze” scenario. Got Ella to school late, then had to drop off some paperwork to Larrys dr to fill out for us. Had our regular breakfast feast of frozen waffles…a whole box every morning. Larry still isn’t feeling great, so he laid back down when I got home. The late morning and afternoon only consisted of watching the babies be assholes to each other, and waiting on a call about another MRI appointment for Larry. When I picked Ella up from school, I thought I’d go to the local Hilton and pick up a gift certificate I won to their restaurant on a Facebook sharing thing, and pick us up some free dinner from there! And possibly a drink while we waited 🙂 Sadly, their restaurant didn’t open until 5, and Larry probably wouldn’t be happy if I sat and drank in a hotel bar for 2 hours with our 6yr old. A baby?! In a bar!? We ended up going across the street for that $5 Hot n Ready lil Caesars pizza….had a coupon for free bread sticks too! 

Got home and continue watching the babies be assholes to each other. Finally got that MRI appointment call! Larry took a couple of cute videos of the babies while I was out…we have to document when they’re cute and sweet! 

While getting the babies off to bed, Ella is telling me about the boy at school she thinks she probably going to marry. She also said she’s going to have 13 babies. Obviously her siblings haven’t scarred her for life. Then as I was changing Bryson’s diaper, she asks him “Bryson, why does your hot dog on your butt look so weird?”…he didn’t answer, and I acted like I didn’t hear her. We’ve had the penis discussion a million times now, and she insists on calling it a hot dog on their butt. Whatever…

Ending our quiet night with a little reading and Facebook time. ​




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