When the house is SO QUIET…I have to slow motion tip toe down the hallway, and into the kitchen to get my very much needed late night oatmeal cookie. Then slow motion tip toe back down the hallway, holding said cookie in my mouth because I needed arms for balance….just so I don’t wake up the sleeping babies. Success!

I forgot my damn drink in the kitchen. 😑

Our day started out pretty well. I actually managed to get Ella to school on time. Then went and ran a bunch of errands, getting paperwork from a dr that was supposed to be ready…but guess what? 🙄 had my delicious Starbucks, then went to my dr appointment. We both agreed I’m a nutcase, and added one more pill to my daily routine so I can act like a normal functioning human being. 

Got great news from larrys dr today! 

Me & Lucy took the girls to play at margaritaville….they had a REALLY good time! For some reason I told them it was ok to get trumpets with their coins they won playing games. Got some good gossip in, some good food, margaritas…o​




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