I got to sleep in this morning!😱😱😱 it was so nice! Larry got the babies up, dressed, and fed breakfast. The back down for their afternoon nap. Alllllll while I slept! When I woke up, the babies were napping, Ella was in bed beside me watching a movie, and I had a text from him saying that he felt good and was going to a baseball game! Fan-fucking-tastic!! Great morning! When I decided to drag my ass out of bed at 11:30, started my coffee pot, and started dishes. When Larry got home, I decided to reward him for getting the babies up and feeling well enough to go somewhere….that I went and got him a king cake 😊 did a whole lot of nothing today, which will kick my ass tomorrow. I got one of those charcoal peely mask things for myself….I either bought the wrong kind, or I’m just an idiot…or I guess both. I wanted it to hurt when it peeled off. It didn’t. It was the equivalent to peeling glue off your hands in 5th grade. Wasn’t impressed. Then Ella wrote me a song book 😊 she’s so good to me. I’m also going to start doing my Confessions of a 6 yr old on here. Hilarious to say the least!

Ella is in our bed tonight, because she watched a movie about a mean mermaid and she’s scared. So I make sure to take my ambian. She asks me “why do you have to take medicine” me “because it helps me sleep better when I know I’m not going to be able to sleep.” Her “why do you and daddy BOTH have to do something to make you sleep better? What’s WRONG with y’all?!?!!!!”

Love that kid

She asleep now and hopefully dreaming about. Unicorns eating birthday cake under a rainbow….all while she rubs her feet all over me and breathes her hot ass breath in my face all night. 

So now, me and Larry are spending quality time catching up on the walking dead 😊


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