Today was the first day of school since Mardi Gras break, and man it was nice! I got Ella up & dressed. Got her to school on time.  Got home to 4 babies and a husband still asleep. So I said “Fuck it!” And took my tired ass back to sleep! I fell so hard back to sleep, that I didn’t hear the babies wake up…so my lovely husband got them up 😊 and I slept from 8-12!  However I woke up to 1000 things I needed to do. 

Today is the last day of Larry being home from being sick, so I thought we’d get the natives out and go to Costco as a family. Got everybody dressed, hair fixed, shoes, socks…loaded them in the van, unloaded the 3 strollers out of the van. We get to Ella’s school, pick her up, then Larry decides we need to go another day. AFTER I’ve asked him the last 20min if he was SURE he wanted to go and saying yes everytime. I turn the opposite direction of our house and drive, and he decided she can’t go. 😑

Ended up ordering pizza for dinner, and begging Ella for 4 hours to clean her room. I cleaned the kitchen and living room….and did about 87 loads of laundry. 

I’m currently looking for a good planner for myself. I have always liked keeping one, I need to get my shit together.  I’ve tried planner apps and websites….but I just like to write my shit down ya know? I really want to get one of the Erin Condren life planners! So cool! But not that price tag! So I’ll be going to michaels tomorrow to see what I can find on the cheaper end of planners. If I would have known 10 years ago that planners would be a thing….I’d be a damn millionaire!

We are literally the MOST boring people ever…


1 thought on “3/1/17

  1. librarianmtom

    I love my planner from Mochaels! Comes with cute stickers in the back and pockets. Plus you can buy more stickers lol you probably don’t have time to decorate yours also but the stickers make it happy hahahha

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