Monthly Archives: March 2017

Its a good day when I quote rap lyrics 🙂

The babies woke up in a good mood…which always puts me in a good mood! My bestie Heather sent me chocolate covered fruit that I got before I got the babies out of bed! I ate most of them for breakfast. Fruit is healthy! I was able to get out of the house today all alone for 3 whole hours! I paid bills, fun. I had some extra time before picking Ella up from school. So I ran to Target and wondered the aisles for an hour sipping my own coffee because I couldn’t afford Starbucks after paying bills. I somehow got out of Target only buying bologna and coffee creamer, because I had coupons. I felt so old checking out. Then I went to Michaels to check out the planners….again, old. The planner I wanted was 80% off! WHAT?! $10 for the planner! Sure half of it was for 2016….but its an 18 month calendar so it goes to the end of this year. DEAL! OK, back to Target. The lady checking out in front of me, I wanted to be her friend. The Target employee was doing her thing trying to talk her into getting a target card. The whole “if you pay with a check you get 5% off!”….yes we all know. If we don’t already have it, we don’t want it. Or in my case, have one but it NEVER works.Anyways. I checked out fairly quick with my bologna and creamer…and was pretty much walking out the door with her. She was also parked next to me….in her BIG BLUE VAN next to my BIG BLUE VAN! She left Target and went to starbucks, I might have taken a picture of the back of her van.

After my outing, I picked Ella up from school, and listened to her fun filled day of Dr Seuss day! I really love her teacher! She didn’t expect us to make pinterest snacks or get crafty with Seuss outfits. I remembered yesterday that today was Seuss day, and as I started freaking, Ella tells me, “Mom its ok! My teacher said DO NOT go out and buy an outfit! if we already have a shirt, we can wear it!” So thats exactly what we did! She wore a Seuss shirt thats a size too small. But….it worked!

When we got home, I had a package at the front door. ANOTHER HAPPY FROM HEATHER! I swear it was like my birthday! She got me a monogrammed leopard blanket….she knows me so well! I had it out for 2 seconds before the girls started brawling over it. Being the Super mom I am….I took pictures, laughed, and posted the pictures on Facebook 🙂

The plumber came over to fix our leaky garbage disposal. Its been leaky for about a month now, but when we realized it, Bryson was in the hospital, then Larry. So we just kind of didn’t use it and put it off until we were less busy. He says the “anti vibration tailpiece mount” broke on it. Ok whatever…just fix it. So he went to Lowes to buy a new one. They had a display piece, but none in stock, and refused to order one for him. He was pissed. I think he thinks its a conspiracy, and he’s probably right. So he’s ordering the part from somewhere else, some where he said would get him a burger king meal if he asked them to, and he’d let me know tomorrow. ok!

So while I was home talking to the plumber about the anti vibration tail piece mount conspiracy, I sent Larry to go pick our groceries up from Walmart pick up. I assured him that all he had to do was pull up and they’d do all the work. The maximum words he’d have to say is 5. 5 words max. “Hello Hunter….Thank you Hunter”. Hunter is the kid who always loads my groceries. Hunter apparently took a little long to get out there and Larry freaked out and started making my phone beep on Find My iPhone….he knows it drives me crazy. Hunter finally made his appearance and apparently wooed Larry over, because he starts telling me how awesome Hunter is and how I need to write a good Walmart review on him.

When he got home, we unloaded the van and were putting groceries up. Then he accuses me of being in an extra good mood.He was right. I’ve been in a great mood today! He asks me if I’m taking my new meds…yes…yes I am! But it was also a day of me getting out alone and the babies being in somewhat decent moods.

Then as we’re having this conversation, we realize our AC isn’t working. WTF….

I take a bath, and when I got out I realize I had forgotten I had a roast in the crock pot. I’m seriously the worst cook ever. I don’t know what the hell I did to this roast, but it SUCKED. So Larry made some kind of roast/mayo/pickle mixture sandwiches. He’s seriously the best cook…I wish he did it more often! As he’s mixing his concoction….I was tip toeing around the kitchen singing. SINGING. Who is this person? Is this a new me?

He’s currently trying to force me to like The Big Bang Theory. He does that every so often. Did the same with Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I liked 1 episode of that….kitten mittens!

I’ll end this long rambling blog with a Conversation with a 6 yr old:

Ella: Daddy, will you tuck me in and read some of my bible to me?

Larry: *eating* why don’t you let momma do it tonight, she hasn’t done it in a while and she’s in a good mood!

Ella: she doesn’t know the big words, I need you to read it to me…

Larry: I’ll be right there….


So I promptly got on Amazon and ordered myself a Children’s bible so I don’t have to read the big words….










Today was the first day of school since Mardi Gras break, and man it was nice! I got Ella up & dressed. Got her to school on time.  Got home to 4 babies and a husband still asleep. So I said “Fuck it!” And took my tired ass back to sleep! I fell so hard back to sleep, that I didn’t hear the babies wake up…so my lovely husband got them up 😊 and I slept from 8-12!  However I woke up to 1000 things I needed to do. 

Today is the last day of Larry being home from being sick, so I thought we’d get the natives out and go to Costco as a family. Got everybody dressed, hair fixed, shoes, socks…loaded them in the van, unloaded the 3 strollers out of the van. We get to Ella’s school, pick her up, then Larry decides we need to go another day. AFTER I’ve asked him the last 20min if he was SURE he wanted to go and saying yes everytime. I turn the opposite direction of our house and drive, and he decided she can’t go. 😑

Ended up ordering pizza for dinner, and begging Ella for 4 hours to clean her room. I cleaned the kitchen and living room….and did about 87 loads of laundry. 

I’m currently looking for a good planner for myself. I have always liked keeping one, I need to get my shit together.  I’ve tried planner apps and websites….but I just like to write my shit down ya know? I really want to get one of the Erin Condren life planners! So cool! But not that price tag! So I’ll be going to michaels tomorrow to see what I can find on the cheaper end of planners. If I would have known 10 years ago that planners would be a thing….I’d be a damn millionaire!

We are literally the MOST boring people ever…


I got to sleep in this morning!😱😱😱 it was so nice! Larry got the babies up, dressed, and fed breakfast. The back down for their afternoon nap. Alllllll while I slept! When I woke up, the babies were napping, Ella was in bed beside me watching a movie, and I had a text from him saying that he felt good and was going to a baseball game! Fan-fucking-tastic!! Great morning! When I decided to drag my ass out of bed at 11:30, started my coffee pot, and started dishes. When Larry got home, I decided to reward him for getting the babies up and feeling well enough to go somewhere….that I went and got him a king cake 😊 did a whole lot of nothing today, which will kick my ass tomorrow. I got one of those charcoal peely mask things for myself….I either bought the wrong kind, or I’m just an idiot…or I guess both. I wanted it to hurt when it peeled off. It didn’t. It was the equivalent to peeling glue off your hands in 5th grade. Wasn’t impressed. Then Ella wrote me a song book 😊 she’s so good to me. I’m also going to start doing my Confessions of a 6 yr old on here. Hilarious to say the least!

Ella is in our bed tonight, because she watched a movie about a mean mermaid and she’s scared. So I make sure to take my ambian. She asks me “why do you have to take medicine” me “because it helps me sleep better when I know I’m not going to be able to sleep.” Her “why do you and daddy BOTH have to do something to make you sleep better? What’s WRONG with y’all?!?!!!!”

Love that kid

She asleep now and hopefully dreaming about. Unicorns eating birthday cake under a rainbow….all while she rubs her feet all over me and breathes her hot ass breath in my face all night. 

So now, me and Larry are spending quality time catching up on the walking dead 😊