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No more Ambian before blogging….

Holy hell…I just read my last blog. I’m not a grammar nazi or anything, but those run on sentences? Does my Mac not have spell check? When I first started taking ambian, Amazon Prime boxes & Lularoe would show up at my front door…it was like fucking Christmas! But me and the checking account had to have a come to Jesus meeting with myself. Then I switched from ambian shopping, to raising hell on local crunchy mom Facebook page I’m on. I really love most of their crunchy asses, and what I love more is harassing them. I don’t consider myself crunchy…the Queen Bee of the crunchies called me “soggy granola”…I think that’s appropriate. I then realized that I was pretty close to getting myself kicked out for my inappropriateness. So….here I am again…realizing I have a problem blogging on ambian.

Larry has discovered The Big Bang Theory…so he/we has spent every night for the past few days watching it on Kodi. I personally am not a fan. He keeps referring himself to the super smart one because he gets all the nerd jokes. I don’t laugh, then he calls me Penny. Whatever.

I’m taking a night off from working pretty damn hard on this shop I desperately want to open. I refuse to use the B word (boutique), but thats basically what it is. My Pawpaw and Parents own 2 businesses, and I’m wanting to be a big girl and do this on my own. I’ve never felt so dumb. All while watching The big bang theory nerds.

Our AC also went out again tonight. NOT HAPPY. I sent a video of the AC button thing not working to our AC guy. He knows I’m pissed. He told me how to rig it up to work for the night until he can get here tomorrow. Hopefully my house doesn’t burn down.

Bryson had his occupational therapy today…he loves his momma and bubbie day! We run errands while the others nap and I have a sitter, have lunch together normally with my mom, then head to therapy, and to pick Ella up from school.

I’m definitely needing a girls night. I’m missing my friends. We have a lot of home stuff that I’ve been pretty stressed about. So that will be planned soon.

Goodnight bitches!