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Another day, another shit show

Lets see, the weekend has come and gone….and I didn’t get a nap. Ella had her last soccer game of the season, a tournament actually. Luckily they lost the first game so we didn’t have to be at the soccer field any longer than we needed. And she could have cared less if they won or not. This was her first year playing soccer, and she seriously just loves playing! They started in September (maybe october), and she has improved so much! She went from being the youngest and smallest player on her team, so scoring 3 goals the past few games! She also got her first loose tooth last night! The other kids in her class have all lost at least 2-3 teeth…so its a big deal for her!

We also got a last minute visit from our oldest Kaleigh! Ella was SO excited! She looks up to her so much!

I was also a real parent last night. Ella has been very artistic lately. Meaning, while she has been creating art, she has painted all over my floors, my couch, and left a red sharpie out that the babies promptly got and wrote all over the walls with. I found a roll of Birthday wrapping paper that I rolled out and told her to do her art work on it. Apparently she misunderstood me and made a jacket out of the wrapping paper. There has also been tiny pieces of paper that she has cut up, crayons, markers, scissors, tape, all over the floor of her play area. oh! She also decided that her kitten needed its paw prints done the same way babies have their foot prints done when they’re born. So there’s green paw prints on my floor too. “BUT LOOK MOMMA! ME AND JINGLES HAVE MATCHING PAW PRINTS!” I told her about 87 times to clean it up. I finally told her that I was taking a bath, and if it was still a mess when I got out, that I was going to throw every bit of it away. I was so serious! I took a nice long relaxing bath….get out…and its still a mess. AND….shes sitting in the living room watching a movie with Larry and Kaleigh.  I tell her “OK….I’M THROWING ALL THIS SHIT AWAY!” and larry goes “oh I didn’t know she was supposed to clean it up….its my fault i told her to come in here!” ugh. So I give her a little longer to clean it up. Finally….I got the broom and started sweeping all that shit up. She started moving trying to get all the “important” things out of the brooms way. You know, chewed on glue sticks, broken mardi gras beads, half a crayon. I think she got the point though. And I WILL do this next time her room is a disaster!

She has a thing about waking Kaleigh up bright and early whenever she stays the night, so I told her that when she wakes up, DO NO WAKE KALEIGH UP. DO NOT WAKE ME UP. Let the babies wake me up. I told her to get a nutritious pop tart, watch some netflix, and patiently wait for us all to get up. She did that. I was so very proud of her! Until I walked in the living room….there was baby EVERYWHERE. All over the floors in the kitchen and living room…baby powder. It smelled nice…but my floors were fucking white from BABY POWDER. I asked her why there was baby powder everywhere….hell I didn’t even know we had any! It was on my shopping list because I thought we were out! She tells me her and the kitten were playing super heroes. I just couldn’t be upset about that. She let us all sleep and she was bored. whatever.

After lunch, we had a family get together with some of my side of the family we rarely get to see. Well, Larry sees one more often because he works with her, and me & her daughter are pretty close Facebook friends….but were never really close when we were younger and lived close. Not sure why….just never were. So that was nice, my pawpaw throughly enjoyed himself! He LOVES getting around friends and family and just talking about any and everything. I swear I have the greatest Pawpaw ever created! 90 years old, blind, and mostly deaf. He’s sweet and generous, loves ella, loves Frederic (Brysons middle name is Frederic, so he calls him Frederic), and he doesn’t really have a connection with the other babies. That sounds mean, but its really not.Ella was his first great grandchild, she had him wrapped around her tiny finger rather quickly. Then when I had the babies, he didn’t want to go to the NICU to see them. Why? well for 1, he’s blind. 2. they were in islets and wouldn’t have been able to hold them. 3.Can’t see a thing. He wanted to wait until they came home to hold them. Well Bryson aka Frederic, was the first one home. Him and my parents were waiting in our house for us to pull in from bringing him home. Larry took him right out of the carseat, and handed him to pawpaw. The most precious moment. He cried, I cried, we all cried. Bryson was 3 months old at the time, and this was the first time he met him. TEARS!

Tonight, he gave Ella 2 commemorative coins from ship Christenings of ships he helped build. I just thought that was so special of him to think about her when he found them!

Now…as I’m begging ella to go to bed…and PRAYING Lawson doesn’t climb out of his crib….I’ll say good night!