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Chick-Fil-A outing!

Well it’s just been one of those weeks! But really every week is one of those weeks!

Larry started PT Monday…so hopefully that will help and he’ll get back to normal again. Whatever normal is.

Tuesday, my sitter day, the little girls were supposed to have dentist appointments, Bryson also was supposed to have Speech, but I cancelled because I wasn’t sure if we’d make it on time. Well right before the girls appt, the dentist office called and said they needed to reschedule. So I actually had a whole morning to myself! Well kind of, Ella had a trike a thon I went to….then I was free! I went down town and stalked a few boutiques…then met my mom for lunch. It was such a nice day!

I honestly don’t remember Wednesday.

Thursday, I met my friend Meagan at Chick-Fil-A, and kept her baby Abbi while she went on a job interview. The babies had such a good time! I’ve decided that Chick-Fil-A is now our go to spot when I want to get the babies out! I called on my way there and let them know that I’d be there with 5 two year olds. Not for any special treatment, but to mainly ask if they had 5 high chairs and if their play area was enclosed from the restaurant. But when we got there, 2 sweet ladies met us at the van, stopped drive through traffic, and helped us in the restaurant. Once inside, they had a giant table set up for us right beside the play area, with the high chairs, placemats for the kids, and a toy stuffed cow at all 5 kids seats! They helped me get the kids situated while I told my friend bye and good luck on the interview. One employee stood there with the babies, and the other went with me to order food. She helped me get all their drinks to the table, and our food was delivered to the table for us! Now my kids don’t get out much, especially in restaurants. So they were happy as could be and eating their nuggets. When it came time to play, my 2 special lady employees came right back and helped me get them all inside the play area. Play area was PERFECT! They have seriously never been on any kind of playground. So they had no idea what to do. One sat down and started playing with the other kids shoes, another sat down and was squishing the squishy floor, and the other two just ran. Abbi knew exactly what to do. She climbed right up the play tunnel, went through it, then slid right down like she’s done it a million times.After a little while, mine finally got the hang of it! All 5 seemed to have a blast! The manager came in and checked on us 2 or 3 times! When the melt downs started from Lawson, I figured it was time to go. My special ladies helped me put everyone in their wagon, stopped drive through traffic again, and helped me load my van up with children. Before we left, she gave me 5 gift cards for Free kids meals. I can not express how impressed with this restaurant I was! I told my husband several times since then, that we will be making weekly trips there just so they can get out and play in that awesome play area! I don’t expect that every time…not at all…but they did us wonderful when they didn’t have to do a single thing!

Friday—again, I don’t remember.

Saturday however, was the even of the year! The Vice girls birthday party! Emma and Elizabeth are Ella’s absolute BFFs! Their grandparents live on some gorgeous property, and they bring out a ferris wheel, bounce houses, horse rides, petting zoo, 2 giant birthday cakes, a sandbar that they all flock to, and a man that does balloon animals. Their dad and grandpa work the grill with burgers and hot dogs, drinks, chips….I swear this shit is so much better than the fair! I may steal this idea for the quads 3rd bday! Then afterwards, my mom came over to watch the kids while me and larry went to an early anniversary dinner. All I wanted was Half Shell Oyster House. Been wanting it for a year, and for some reason or another we haven’t been able to go.so we get there, and theres a line of kids in prom dresses out the door and down the side of the damn building. So we’re like “ok, we’ll find somewhere new.” Every single anniversary dinner worthy restaurant was the same. Fucking prom.We ended up at the Half Shell an hour farther away from the other one, and waited. I may have cried on the way.But we enjoyed ourselves. We had a lot of time to talk about things, life, kids, work, vacation. We needed that time.

In other news, I’m getting closer with this whole online store open. So stressful!