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Rockin, robot…do the robot dance!

I couldn’t come up with a title, so y’all get a song lyric from The Mother Goose Club that’s been stuck in my head for the past week. The babies are OBSESSED with it! I really think it’s a gift from God. I’ll turn it up, and they’ll stop doing whatever asshole thing they’re doing….and blankly stare at the tv with their mouths gaped open. Thank you god for Mother Goose club 🙏🏻

This has been on my mind for a couple of days, I meant to write about it Tuesday, but it just didn’t happen. I took Bryson and Lawson to get their hair cuts, do errands, and take Bryson to Speech therapy. Tuesday’s are normally mine and Bryson’s days, we’ll grocery shop, get some stuff done around town, then therapy. Well since Bryson needed a cut this time, I decided to bring Lawson along to get one too. All the babies had their first haircuts together at Disney world when they were 14 months old. None of them needed a cut. But I just wanted the experience. They all did good except Loxley, she freaked out and ended up with God awful bangs. Lawson didn’t have any hair to cut, so he cut his one tiny curl. Since then, Bryson has had probably 8 cuts since then, Lawson non because his hair just grows slow I guess! Well lately it’s decided to grow fast and it’s in his eyes and pretty curly! I LOVE it but want it out of his eyes. Anyways l, back to taking them. Bryson wasn’t into it and didn’t get the ideal cut that I wanted. But that’s his fault for being a squirmy jerk. All that was cut on Lawson was his bangs…and the rest is curly. So they look like the guys on Dumb and Dumber 😂 

Anyways, I took Lawson to Bryson’s speech appointment with us. As we were waiting in the waiting room, a sweet old lady sat down beside me, and asked me how many years apart they are. So I lie tell her they’re twins. Side note: if I only have 2 with me, I tell everybody they’re twins. I don’t feel like doing the whole QUADS!? 😱 conversation all the time. 

She starts going on and on and on about how hard it must be to have twins, and she doesn’t see how I do it, pretty much the same things said to me when I tell someone I say I have quads, just less invasive. Then she says “Can you imagine if you had TRIPLETS?!?!” Luckily they called our name when she said that….old lady, I’m very sorry I lied to you. You were the sweetest thing ever!

We got some pretty shitty news today, not really ready to put it out there yet 😕

I’m also working very hard into opening an Ecommerce business. I’m wanting to open a clothing, accessory, kids, shoes, and maybe some home goods type of website. It would be mostly dropship, but I’d also like some inventory in my house. I have an unused office room in our house that I’d love to turn into a small showroom and/or desk area for me to get things done. Exciting and stressful at the same time!