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Chick-Fil-A outing!

Well it’s just been one of those weeks! But really every week is one of those weeks!

Larry started PT Monday…so hopefully that will help and he’ll get back to normal again. Whatever normal is.

Tuesday, my sitter day, the little girls were supposed to have dentist appointments, Bryson also was supposed to have Speech, but I cancelled because I wasn’t sure if we’d make it on time. Well right before the girls appt, the dentist office called and said they needed to reschedule. So I actually had a whole morning to myself! Well kind of, Ella had a trike a thon I went to….then I was free! I went down town and stalked a few boutiques…then met my mom for lunch. It was such a nice day!

I honestly don’t remember Wednesday.

Thursday, I met my friend Meagan at Chick-Fil-A, and kept her baby Abbi while she went on a job interview. The babies had such a good time! I’ve decided that Chick-Fil-A is now our go to spot when I want to get the babies out! I called on my way there and let them know that I’d be there with 5 two year olds. Not for any special treatment, but to mainly ask if they had 5 high chairs and if their play area was enclosed from the restaurant. But when we got there, 2 sweet ladies met us at the van, stopped drive through traffic, and helped us in the restaurant. Once inside, they had a giant table set up for us right beside the play area, with the high chairs, placemats for the kids, and a toy stuffed cow at all 5 kids seats! They helped me get the kids situated while I told my friend bye and good luck on the interview. One employee stood there with the babies, and the other went with me to order food. She helped me get all their drinks to the table, and our food was delivered to the table for us! Now my kids don’t get out much, especially in restaurants. So they were happy as could be and eating their nuggets. When it came time to play, my 2 special lady employees came right back and helped me get them all inside the play area. Play area was PERFECT! They have seriously never been on any kind of playground. So they had no idea what to do. One sat down and started playing with the other kids shoes, another sat down and was squishing the squishy floor, and the other two just ran. Abbi knew exactly what to do. She climbed right up the play tunnel, went through it, then slid right down like she’s done it a million times.After a little while, mine finally got the hang of it! All 5 seemed to have a blast! The manager came in and checked on us 2 or 3 times! When the melt downs started from Lawson, I figured it was time to go. My special ladies helped me put everyone in their wagon, stopped drive through traffic again, and helped me load my van up with children. Before we left, she gave me 5 gift cards for Free kids meals. I can not express how impressed with this restaurant I was! I told my husband several times since then, that we will be making weekly trips there just so they can get out and play in that awesome play area! I don’t expect that every time…not at all…but they did us wonderful when they didn’t have to do a single thing!

Friday—again, I don’t remember.

Saturday however, was the even of the year! The Vice girls birthday party! Emma and Elizabeth are Ella’s absolute BFFs! Their grandparents live on some gorgeous property, and they bring out a ferris wheel, bounce houses, horse rides, petting zoo, 2 giant birthday cakes, a sandbar that they all flock to, and a man that does balloon animals. Their dad and grandpa work the grill with burgers and hot dogs, drinks, chips….I swear this shit is so much better than the fair! I may steal this idea for the quads 3rd bday! Then afterwards, my mom came over to watch the kids while me and larry went to an early anniversary dinner. All I wanted was Half Shell Oyster House. Been wanting it for a year, and for some reason or another we haven’t been able to go.so we get there, and theres a line of kids in prom dresses out the door and down the side of the damn building. So we’re like “ok, we’ll find somewhere new.” Every single anniversary dinner worthy restaurant was the same. Fucking prom.We ended up at the Half Shell an hour farther away from the other one, and waited. I may have cried on the way.But we enjoyed ourselves. We had a lot of time to talk about things, life, kids, work, vacation. We needed that time.

In other news, I’m getting closer with this whole online store open. So stressful!























Stress level 12

I woke up Friday in a great mood! I had this super realistic dream about Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper, they finally opened their eyes and decided I needed to be their BFF. Like, SUCH BFFs, that Anderson trusted me and Andy to pick him out something to wear to some fancy event he had going on. He said we could pick through his closet which was the size of most master bedrooms. In my dream, his apartment was all neutral colors, clean lines, chic and gorgeous of course. No piles of clutter like there is at my house. Kelly Ripa came over while me and Andy were trying to find the perfect outfit. Then we had fun and went through all of his stuff. All we found were receipts from Boston Market. Thats when I woke up and was sad that I had to return to my stressful boring life πŸ˜•One day I’ll get to NYC and get some friend time with them! Restraining order or not!

After I picked Ella up from school, she asked me if we could come back and go to the book fair in their library. I had been avoiding it all week because we are BROKE. Like BROKE BROKE.  Then she tells me that its the last day, and she wants to use the money Pawpaw gave her. So I said ok. As we were getting ready to go back, I tell her to get her purse and make sure all her money is in it. She’s got it! $10, and a zip lock bag full of change. I grab a $20 out of our “BITCH YOU’RE BROKE” jar just in case she went over a little.So she wonders around looking at 8,843 different things for the next hour, and decides on 3 books, a book mark, and a poster. We walk up to check out and hand the nice librarian all of her goods.I knew she wouldn’t have quite enough for all of it, thats why I grabbed our BROKE BITCH cash. So she tells us the balance is $21. So I say “ok Ella, lets see how much you can pay” she takes the $10 bill out, and sticks it in the pocket of her purse.then hands the check out librarian the ziplock full of pennies nickels and dimes. I say “um…what happened with that $10 bill??” She says “oh I think I’m going to save it for Disney World.  Her change equaled EXACTLY  $1, so I just gave her my $20. WTF

On our way home, she starts snapping the rubber band around her hand, then making up a song called “Rubber band Hand”…..So naturally I start singing “rubber band man” by T.I. she wasn’t so impressed, and told me that’s not how her song will be going. A few min later, our conversation went a little like this:

E-singing “rubber band hand, oh my rubber band hand”

me-white girl rapping “rubber band man wild as the taliban….”

e–singings”rubber band hand, in my big blue van”

me- white girl rapping “nine in my right, forty-five in the other hand”

It was such a great memorable moment πŸ™‚


Then there was this douche bag Larry went to College with who had a problem with me posting a picture of my son who had Minnie Mouse Ears on himself. He had so many feelings about this, that he wrote Larry a message telling him how he needs to not allow me to do those things and not to confuse him and he’s the MAN of the house blah blah blah bull shit. We she showed it to me, I had to put it down. I couldn’t read past the first few sentences. When I finally was ready to read the rest, my blood was boiling. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that mad in my entire life.I wanted to physically HURT this man. Instead, I posted it to my favorite mom groups to get their advice. And I swear those bitches give the best advice.I knew I wanted to respond to this jackass. Larry did already respond to him…basically told him to mind his business, he’s the head of the household,  and don’t worry about us. His response to that? “Glad you set her straight” Biiiiiitch…..



Anyways, after 24hours, I decided to write him back. I needed to cool off or it would just have several paragraphs of “fuck off fuck off fuck off”. So while my xanex was working good…I wrote out my comeback. It’s not my normal comeback, but it’s my adulting comeback. I’m proud of myself.


Saturday was a fun day! My cousins had a vow renewal wedding! Got to hang out with some cousins I haven’t seen in a while, listen to some good music, have a few good drinks, and eat some good wedding cake! Me and Ella rode with my parents, and she decided to stay the night there. FINE with me! However when I picked her up today, she told me that we need to have a coming home celebration for her at the Cheesecake Factory. My parents live 10 min away….the cheesecake factory is 2 hours away…


Tonight, I spent 2 hours staring at my computer. I was in advanced English in high school, made A’s in all my college English classes, but for the life of me. I can NOT seem to write a Business plan. I need to get this done so bad! It’s making me feel like the dumbest person on the planet.






































I find myself in bed, my 6yr old asleep next to me, and finishing up watching Moana. It’s such a good Disney movie!

Well today I decided I needed to start back going to the gym. We have a Disney vacation coming up, then summer. And I’d like to not be a complete slob. I was doing really good last spring, I lost 30lbs in 3 months, going to the gym 5x a week, I was stronger, and I felt GREAT! Then we went on a D.C. vacation, then summer, then school started, my son was in and out of the hospital a few times, then it was Christmas….now it’s March and I’ve gained that 30lbs right back. I got me some of those MLM It Works! pills. So maybe those will work like they claim. Me and my cousin decided to start going together mon/wed/fri. She couldn’t go Monday because of a sitter situation, then her baby was sick today. So I dusted off the ole treadmill at home, put my computer on it, and watched Property Brothers while I walked a mile. I may have also talked Larry into letting us get a home gym. Have you ever priced those things? SHIT! But if you buy them from qvc or hsn you can pay on them for like 6months without a credit card. So there’s that.

While the kids napped today, I tried catching up on my trashy reality shows, but our internet was acting ridic. Our AC man then came, and decided that it was a clog in our AC drainage thingie. So he goes to lowes and comes back. He fixes it, and the following conversation started:

AC guy: “now this is sulfuric acid, if you have any kind of clog in any kind of drain, it’ll eat it right out!”

Me: “oh is that the same stuff you use to put dead people in after you murder them?”

AC man: 😳

He left soon after that, and brought his sulfuric acid with him πŸ˜‚ doing shit like that to people make me so happy!

So after that, me and the babies got in the van to go get Ella, and we’re waiting in the car line I read an article on Facebook that broke my heart. This black heart doesn’t break often. Well this article is about how a daycare worker was convicted of murder, because she threw a crying 16month old on the floor because he wouldn’t stop crying, he sat up, got his blanket, and went and laid down while sucking his thumb. Then an hour later they discovered he died. TEARS….DRY HEAVING…in the elementary pick up line. It reminded me so much of my Lawson. He had an unknown dairy allergy when he was around that age. He cried A LOT. Loud cries. Cries where we were both crying at the pediatricians office begging for help. That’s the day we found out it was a dairy allergy. That diagnosis made his little life so much better. He started drinking expensive ass formula that made him feel better. But after the 2nd day on that formula, and he smiled and laughed for me for the first time in a month…..it made me cringe a little less buying those $50 cans of formula! But back to that poor baby, Lawson does the same thing when he’s tired or upset. He gets his security blankets, sucks his fingers, and finds a comfortable place to lay while sniffing the tags on his Tula blanket. That so could have been my baby. It just breaks my heart for his mother!

We get home and I decide an easy peasy dinner. Crescent dogs! Except the babies ate ALL 12 of them and left none for me or Larry πŸ˜‘

Another day, another shit show

Lets see, the weekend has come and gone….and I didn’t get a nap. Ella had her last soccer game of the season, a tournament actually. Luckily they lost the first game so we didn’t have to be at the soccer field any longer than we needed. And she could have cared less if they won or not. This was her first year playing soccer, and she seriously just loves playing! They started in September (maybe october), and she has improved so much! She went from being the youngest and smallest player on her team, so scoring 3 goals the past few games! She also got her first loose tooth last night! The other kids in her class have all lost at least 2-3 teeth…so its a big deal for her!

We also got a last minute visit from our oldest Kaleigh! Ella was SO excited! She looks up to her so much!

I was also a real parent last night. Ella has been very artistic lately. Meaning, while she has been creating art, she has painted all over my floors, my couch, and left a red sharpie out that the babies promptly got and wrote all over the walls with. I found a roll of Birthday wrapping paper that I rolled out and told her to do her art work on it. Apparently she misunderstood me and made a jacket out of the wrapping paper. There has also been tiny pieces of paper that she has cut up, crayons, markers, scissors, tape, all over the floor of her play area. oh! She also decided that her kitten needed its paw prints done the same way babies have their foot prints done when they’re born. So there’s green paw prints on my floor too. “BUT LOOK MOMMA! ME AND JINGLES HAVE MATCHING PAW PRINTS!” I told her about 87 times to clean it up. I finally told her that I was taking a bath, and if it was still a mess when I got out, that I was going to throw every bit of it away. I was so serious! I took a nice long relaxing bath….get out…and its still a mess. AND….shes sitting in the living room watching a movie with Larry and Kaleigh.  I tell her “OK….I’M THROWING ALL THIS SHIT AWAY!” and larry goes “oh I didn’t know she was supposed to clean it up….its my fault i told her to come in here!” ugh. So I give her a little longer to clean it up. Finally….I got the broom and started sweeping all that shit up. She started moving trying to get all the “important” things out of the brooms way. You know, chewed on glue sticks, broken mardi gras beads, half a crayon. I think she got the point though. And I WILL do this next time her room is a disaster!

She has a thing about waking Kaleigh up bright and early whenever she stays the night, so I told her that when she wakes up, DO NO WAKE KALEIGH UP. DO NOT WAKE ME UP. Let the babies wake me up. I told her to get a nutritious pop tart, watch some netflix, and patiently wait for us all to get up. She did that. I was so very proud of her! Until I walked in the living room….there was baby EVERYWHERE. All over the floors in the kitchen and living room…baby powder. It smelled nice…but my floors were fucking white from BABY POWDER. I asked her why there was baby powder everywhere….hell I didn’t even know we had any! It was on my shopping list because I thought we were out! She tells me her and the kitten were playing super heroes. I just couldn’t be upset about that. She let us all sleep and she was bored. whatever.

After lunch, we had a family get together with some of my side of the family we rarely get to see. Well, Larry sees one more often because he works with her, and me & her daughter are pretty close Facebook friends….but were never really close when we were younger and lived close. Not sure why….just never were. So that was nice, my pawpaw throughly enjoyed himself! He LOVES getting around friends and family and just talking about any and everything. I swear I have the greatest Pawpaw ever created! 90 years old, blind, and mostly deaf. He’s sweet and generous, loves ella, loves Frederic (Brysons middle name is Frederic, so he calls him Frederic), and he doesn’t really have a connection with the other babies. That sounds mean, but its really not.Ella was his first great grandchild, she had him wrapped around her tiny finger rather quickly. Then when I had the babies, he didn’t want to go to the NICU to see them. Why? well for 1, he’s blind. 2. they were in islets and wouldn’t have been able to hold them. 3.Can’t see a thing. He wanted to wait until they came home to hold them. Well Bryson aka Frederic, was the first one home. Him and my parents were waiting in our house for us to pull in from bringing him home. Larry took him right out of the carseat, and handed him to pawpaw. The most precious moment. He cried, I cried, we all cried. Bryson was 3 months old at the time, and this was the first time he met him. TEARS!

Tonight, he gave Ella 2 commemorative coins from ship Christenings of ships he helped build. I just thought that was so special of him to think about her when he found them!

Now…as I’m begging ella to go to bed…and PRAYING Lawson doesn’t climb out of his crib….I’ll say good night!











Its a good day when I quote rap lyrics πŸ™‚

The babies woke up in a good mood…which always puts me in a good mood! My bestie Heather sent me chocolate covered fruit that I got before I got the babies out of bed! I ate most of them for breakfast. Fruit is healthy! I was able to get out of the house today all alone for 3 whole hours! I paid bills, fun. I had some extra time before picking Ella up from school. So I ran to Target and wondered the aisles for an hour sipping my own coffee because I couldn’t afford Starbucks after paying bills. I somehow got out of Target only buying bologna and coffee creamer, because I had coupons. I felt so old checking out. Then I went to Michaels to check out the planners….again, old. The planner I wanted was 80% off! WHAT?! $10 for the planner! Sure half of it was for 2016….but its an 18 month calendar so it goes to the end of this year. DEAL! OK, back to Target. The lady checking out in front of me, I wanted to be her friend. The Target employee was doing her thing trying to talk her into getting a target card. The whole “if you pay with a check you get 5% off!”….yes we all know. If we don’t already have it, we don’t want it. Or in my case, have one but it NEVER works.Anyways. I checked out fairly quick with my bologna and creamer…and was pretty much walking out the door with her. She was also parked next to me….in her BIG BLUE VAN next to my BIG BLUE VAN! She left Target and went to starbucks, I might have taken a picture of the back of her van.

After my outing, I picked Ella up from school, and listened to her fun filled day of Dr Seuss day! I really love her teacher! She didn’t expect us to make pinterest snacks or get crafty with Seuss outfits. I remembered yesterday that today was Seuss day, and as I started freaking, Ella tells me, “Mom its ok! My teacher said DO NOT go out and buy an outfit! if we already have a shirt, we can wear it!” So thats exactly what we did! She wore a Seuss shirt thats a size too small. But….it worked!

When we got home, I had a package at the front door. ANOTHER HAPPY FROM HEATHER! I swear it was like my birthday! She got me a monogrammed leopard blanket….she knows me so well! I had it out for 2 seconds before the girls started brawling over it. Being the Super mom I am….I took pictures, laughed, and posted the pictures on Facebook πŸ™‚

The plumber came over to fix our leaky garbage disposal. Its been leaky for about a month now, but when we realized it, Bryson was in the hospital, then Larry. So we just kind of didn’t use it and put it off until we were less busy. He says the “anti vibration tailpiece mount” broke on it. Ok whatever…just fix it. So he went to Lowes to buy a new one. They had a display piece, but none in stock, and refused to order one for him. He was pissed. I think he thinks its a conspiracy, and he’s probably right. So he’s ordering the part from somewhere else, some where he said would get him a burger king meal if he asked them to, and he’d let me know tomorrow. ok!

So while I was home talking to the plumber about the anti vibration tail piece mount conspiracy, I sent Larry to go pick our groceries up from Walmart pick up. I assured him that all he had to do was pull up and they’d do all the work. The maximum words he’d have to say is 5. 5 words max. “Hello Hunter….Thank you Hunter”. Hunter is the kid who always loads my groceries. Hunter apparently took a little long to get out there and Larry freaked out and started making my phone beep on Find My iPhone….he knows it drives me crazy. Hunter finally made his appearance and apparently wooed Larry over, because he starts telling me how awesome Hunter is and how I need to write a good Walmart review on him.

When he got home, we unloaded the van and were putting groceries up. Then he accuses me of being in an extra good mood.He was right. I’ve been in a great mood today! He asks me if I’m taking my new meds…yes…yes I am! But it was also a day of me getting out alone and the babies being in somewhat decent moods.

Then as we’re having this conversation, we realize our AC isn’t working. WTF….

I take a bath, and when I got out I realize I had forgotten I had a roast in the crock pot. I’m seriously the worst cook ever. I don’t know what the hell I did to this roast, but it SUCKED. So Larry made some kind of roast/mayo/pickle mixture sandwiches. He’s seriously the best cook…I wish he did it more often! As he’s mixing his concoction….I was tip toeing around the kitchen singing. SINGING. Who is this person? Is this a new me?

He’s currently trying to force me to like The Big Bang Theory. He does that every so often. Did the same with Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I liked 1 episode of that….kitten mittens!

I’ll end this long rambling blog with a Conversation with a 6 yr old:

Ella: Daddy, will you tuck me in and read some of my bible to me?

Larry: *eating* why don’t you let momma do it tonight, she hasn’t done it in a while and she’s in a good mood!

Ella: she doesn’t know the big words, I need you to read it to me…

Larry: I’ll be right there….


So I promptly got on Amazon and ordered myself a Children’s bible so I don’t have to read the big words….








Confessions of a Quadmom

I have been wanting to write a blog for over 2 years now, but I have put it off and came up with every reason in the world not to. But after some urging from several people lately…I set this blog up, and put it off some more! Tonight, I can’t sleep. It’s 2:30am, I’m wide awake with no signs of sleep in my near future. I’m sure as hell not going to clean my house, so I’ll put that off by making my first blog entry!

A little about me: My name is Jeryn, and I live on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. We wear shoes when we’re not on the beach, and do not take a horse & buggy to the Piggly Wiggly…I take my party bus to Walmart pickup instead. I’m a daughter, wife, and mother to 6. I’m a conservative, a believer in God, and lover of sweet tea. I have a filthy mouth, and it drives my parents and husband crazy. But it’s who I am!

Life Goal: to be a Bravo Real Housewife…but I’ll never be that rich!

Superheros: Kim Biermann & Karen Walker

Me and husband were married a mere 5 months after we started dating. We are going strong at almost 7 years now! I have a 16yr old bonus daughter, a 6yr old daughter, and 2yr old GBBG quadruplets….yes FOUR 2 year olds. I’m stretched to my limit almost daily, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The main reason I wanted to start a blog, is to give an inside look at our crazy life we live! We are an open book, and love to tell our stories! I’m no parenting expert, but I’ve learn some things along the way that I want to share here and there also.

That being said, I hope you enjoy my new adventure in the blog world!